Tim Currie Live at Lucky Bay Brewery

Lucky Bay Brewery, Bandy Creek Road , Esperance

Catch Tim Currie Live on Friday September 4th from 5pm,

LIVE MUSIC EVERY Friday and Sunday at Lucky Bay Brewing. Friday from 5:00pm, Sunday from 3pm. Get Amongst It.

Lets celebrate life and everything that is good... come on out and enjoy live acoustic music from KyzaPresents with some local ales and wood-fired/ smoked treats. Life is getting closer to being back to normal and we want to have a reason to smile - what better way than supporting out local musicians, and your local brewery with your mates.

Lucky Bay Brewing will be OPEN Thursday to Sunday from 12.30pm to 7pm, and later to 8pm on Friday's. Live music every Friday and Sunday afternoon.

UPDATE: COVID-19 hygiene is required on site at all times. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, we ask you to please stay at home. COVID-19 restrictions can now allow 190 people on site (2 square metre spacing and 100/300 rule) as of June 6 2020 - AND as of Sat 27 June you will even be allowed to stand up while drinking your beer!! :):) Bookings are appreciated for larger groups, smaller groups no need to book you can just rock on in :) ph/text 0429 777 714.

Get the COVIDSAFE App https://www.health.gov.au/resources/apps-and-tools/covidsafe-app and make life easier for all ! :)