Cloning - Lucky Bay Brewing, Esperance Supported By Bodes

Lucky Bay Brewery, Bandy Creek Road , Esperance

Perth indie rock outfit Cloning are touring their new EP around the country, riding high on a stellar year which saw them labelled, “the future of indie and alt-rock in Australia” (Tyler Jenke, Editor, Rolling Stone Australia & Tone Deaf). Cloning will hit Esperance on September 24 for a free show at Lucky Bay Brewing, presented by Kyza and supported by talented local songwriter Bodes. Formed by high school best friends Felix (vocals & guitar), Nic (bass) and Jack (drums), Cloning burst onto the Perth scene in 2019 after linking with Bevan (guitar); who met the boys in Perth and grew up in regional Goldfields city Kalgoorlie. They combine a love of varied styles of rock music to tell stories of suburban isolation, tragedy and growing up, peppered with a healthy dose of existential angst and pop dynamism.

This unassuming group of friends has since picked up Triple J airplay, sold out shows around Perth and opened for Ocean Alley, their eccentric brand of off-kilter rock endearing them to fans across the country.

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