Pier Hotel, Esplanade, Esperance

🎶 Welcome back to the 2nd instalment of Funkin!! 🎶

To show our appreciation for all the those who made the long journey to our last show, we are bringing our A-game from P City to the Deep South. This diabolical fusion of Hiphop, Dnb and House music will launch directly after the Edge of the Bay Festival, so strap yo'selves in for a Funkalicious weekend!!

🎧 2 hours of live Hiphop, 3 hours of raw Dnb & House DJ sets 🎧 INTRODUCING ....... Kels Early Bird Emcee MaDog Ernie D Undying Lands 🔥 $10 door sales from 10pm at The Pier Nightclub 🔥

We can't wait to see all you mad c's there 😉 Pce.