South Side Of Summer

Lucky Bay Brewery, Bandy Creek Road , Esperance

So something cool happened, The WA government in partnership with WAM and Act Belong Commit launched the first inaugural WA Music week, making available funding to venues, promoters (yay Kyza Presents) and the like to run events to tie in with an amazing program of gigs March 19-28th. Felt like a great opportunity to organise the first lil mini-fest at Lucky Bay Brewery.

I had in my mind how an event at the Brewery would look, local and regional acts, appealing to a wide demographic, family-friendly, and entirely affordable for the local community. WA Music Week funding has allowed me to bring this vision to life, with finances helping to cover production costs and keep ticket prices down. I’m absolutely wrapped to present South Side Of Summer, set to fall at The Lucky Bay Brewery Saturday, March 20th from 3 pm.

A sweet as line-up kicked off by Mary Leske and Rachel Vibart, we then pick up the tempo with Grand Casual acoustic followed by two of WA’s finest solo blues and roots artists Tracey Barnett and Ben Catley. And for all you young revellers who want to kick on to finish, we have The Stunned Mullets bringing it home in their last Esperance show for the time being.

At $5+BF for Kids $15+BF for Adults and $20 for adults on the gate this one will be a ripper. Tickets are live and available from

U 18/$5 Adults $15 Adults Gate $20