The Bridge - May 2018

Just as great music tracks embed themselves in the psyche and play over and over again as the soundtrack to our lives, amazing movie scores have that exact same ability to resonate. 

Often cinematic music becomes as recognisable as the characters themselves. The Star Wars theme song is one such piece of music - as I'm listening to it now I'm engaging in some arm waving motions as if I am some great conductor, my heart skips a little with the nostalgia. Capture in this composition is everyone's memory of Star Wars. I'm taken back to the first time I saw 'A New Hope'. Sitting on my grandmothers floor, no fanfare, just a VHS I pulled from the pile, no prior introduction by parents or peers, theme music begins, words scroll (I guess I could read) and then I'm relentlessly drawn into a fantastic world that would be a highlight of my young life. How many lightsaber fights ensued over the next weeks as I relentlessly hunted down the following two movies. Lightsaber fights intensified by either a hummed theme song or a deathly imperial march. 

In a greatly changed music market, a number of notable original artists and bands lend their hands to developing music for cinema. Explosions in the sky are an experimental post rock act whose music is mostly instrumental, their songs described as "cathartic mini symphonies". I love these guys down to the ground and was not in the least surprised when I began to see their music used across a number of visual mediums. Who knows, maybe there is room for an amazing original act to develop something as amazing as the Star Wars theme song? 

Stranger things have certainly happened.

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