The White Gretsch Hangover

I think all artists reach a point where they become disillusioned by their previous work. 

Old styles feel bland, lacking energy and just well and truly spent. 

My solo performance has been feeling a little like this of late, I keep running over the same old ground. 

I need to feel refreshed to feel some excitement about what I bring to the stage as an individual performer. 

At times I felt that I should attempt to write some tunes that people can feel happy too, as opposed to drawing them down into the maudlin depths of my melancholy. 

Maybe people want to be down there though, life isn’t all cute otters and penguins in party hats. 

A year ago, I wandered into a Perth music store the day after my birthday. 

I’d had a big one the night before and was still a little fuzzed out. 

This white Gretsch acoustic grabbed my attention and I ended up stumbling from the store with the new purchase. 

Saturday night at the Espi I played it live for perhaps the first time, and absolutely loved it. 

Though it doesn’t really feel like me, it certainly felt fresh. 

I couldn’t help but ponder the idea of developing a persona to suit the guitar. 

I mean, artists do that right? Develop personas/pseudonyms to get their work across? They do that, don’t they? 

Swap till You Drop will see local clothes hoarders asked to drop swappable items at The Cannery from 4pm on September 7 to receive tokens that they can use to acquire clothing on Saturday, September 8, from 10am-1pm. 

The initiative encourages the community to reflect on the impact of overconsumption on the environment. 

Recycling clothes is a great way to get something fresh without purchasing new threads, (perhaps like adopting a new persona, chuckle). 

Live music will accompany the day, along with coffee, tea, and tasty cakes. 

Entry is a gold coin donation to cover the hire of the venue. 

The event is brought to you by students from Esperance Senior High School and Esperance Anglican School, with support from locals Renee Passell and Georgia Gregory.

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